IKO Cholestrol Free Oat Crackers with Oat Bran
IKO Cholestrol Free Oat Crackers with Oat Bran

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Cholestrol Free - With Oat Bran (Rich in B Glucan)
Bran is the outer shell, protects seed fiber, B vitamins, trace minerals. Oat bran contains highest soluble fiber among all grains. Beta Glucan helps to reduce bad LDL cholestrol and rasie level of good cholestrol. This may reduce the risk of heart disease
High Fibre
Cholestrol Free
Trans Fat Free
8 individual packs
Serving Size  1 piece
Calories  105 kcal
Total Fat  3.9 g
Cholestrol  0g
Sodium  32.1 mg
Total carbohydrates  15.4 g
Sugar  4.1 g
Dietary Fiber  1.5 g
Protein  2.1 g
Wholemeal flour, vegetable oil, oats, oat bran, sugar
Brand Net Weight Unit Price (INR) Total Amount (INR)
IKO 178 Gms 145.00 145.00
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