Health Rush is a new way of shopping for healthy grocery items online in India. While some of these products are available at your local grocery stores we are trying to provide all these brands with their entire range of products under one roof. Along with this we promise you excellent customer service whether you need help with selecting the right products for your family or just queries about payments, shipping and returns.

Health Rush is run by an enthusiastic and motivated team of individuals who are constantly striving to make your experience fast, easy and convenient. Our mission is healthy and satisfied customers.

The idea behind Health Rush originated from our own experiences while looking for healthy food products in the market. They would be hard to find, or if we found them once they wouldn’t be available when we looked for them again. Also there was no one at these shops to give us guidance and information on the brands and products.

We want Health Rush to be more than just a store. We have included on the website some health related articles, recipes and tips which we intend to keep adding to. We would love to have your ideas as well.

Please enjoy your visit with us!

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