Mixed Flour Thepla

What to use

1 cup Sorghum (jowar) flour, 1 cup moong flour, half cup Baja flour, quarter cup chopped methi leaves, 2tsp crushed garlic and salt as per taste.

How to use

Mix the jowar and moong flour. Add methi leaves, garlic and knead into a soft dough. Roll the theplas so that they are thicker than your usual parathas. Roast them on a pan using ghee and serve them with curd or mint chutney.

How it helps

Jowar, with its high potassium value is very nutritious. Combining this low-cal flour with the high energy moong flour can make this thepla an ideal breakfast item. And if you have a diabetic in your family, the methi in this dish will be of help.