Best Fitness Apps to Workout

Best Fitness Apps to Workout

Fitness involves in longer lifespan, a better quality of life and also decreases in the risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes.  There is no bad time to start a new exercise regimen, even if you have tested and failed in the past. So, you want to lose weight or increase your overall level of fitness, building strength or tone and there is an application which helps you in the long way to go.  Even you do not need a heart rate monitoring device for maintaining the health and in case if you own a iOS then you can search for best fitness app for iPhone free. Below are the best fitness apps to workout.


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Running is one of the most common activities adopted by those who want to get fit. As the name suggests runkeeper provides s simple way to establish a routine and stick to it by tracking your progress. So, the app works for tracking cycling, walking and even the hiking. Even the app has access to your location and monitors data by keeping progress on a map.


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This app is just like a runkeeper where you can track your progress while running in terms of breaking sweat.  Strava gives plans to your workouts on map which includes important information like elevation, speed and compares with other who would take the same route with you.


The fitbod is app which is used for strength training, weight lifting, bodybuilding and body sculpting. So, the app helps in creating customized workouts which prioritize muscle groups, based on the information you supply. First you need to choose the activity type, desired goals and number of goals per week then only you can receive a workout plan which adapt to your level of fitness.

Fitness Point

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This is another app which is aimed at strength training and fitbod referred for exercises  than a automated planner. While some of the exercises are available for free and if you need any upgrade then you can Pro to see them all. So, this is the best fitness app for iPhone free.  Each exercise has an animation, description and information about which muscles it works.

You can choose to get fit in the above applications and search for best fitness app for iPhone free for Improving the fitness and health for leading a good life. Hope that I have covered all the article about best fitness apps to workout. Thanks for reading!